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Healthy Families Florida is a nationally-accredited family support and coaching program that helps parents provide the safe and stable environments children need for healthy growth and development. Parents voluntarily participate in services provided in their homes. Specially-trained support workers help them improve their parenting skills and achieve goals that increase family stability and self-sufficiency.

Program Outcomes

Last year, Healthy Families Florida’s 38 community-based projects served 9,960 families and their 18,313 children with state funding and local contributions. Projects exceeded every goal for child and parent outcomes including:

An Effective and Fiscally Responsible Solution

Child abuse and neglect has costly short and long-term consequences including hospitalization, child welfare services, special education and juvenile delinquency. Conservative estimates put the cost of treating these consequences at $105,131 per child annually. Healthy Families Florida is proven to prevent child abuse and neglect in high-risk families at a cost of only $2,100 per child annually.

The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida administers Healthy Families Florida through service contracts with 35 community-based agencies in 67 counties (42 counties in their entirety and 25 counties in the highest-risk zip codes). Sites are required to provide a 25 percent cash or in-kind contribution as evidence of the communities' support of Healthy Families, unless there is justification of why they are not able to meet the minimum 25 percent contribution.